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Aureole is a game made by ScoreSpace, it is unquine platformer that does not use a person to do the platforming, rather a object does. You have two jumps before you run out and the objective is to just make it to end as fast as possible, this opens up the possibilities for speedrunning.


  • This game is super easy to understand but hard to master
  • Different cosmetics you can play as that don't use in game money to get, rather you go as fast as possible to get these
  • Has 3 worlds to play (I'm not even past the first one lol)
  • Has a ranked mode that makes you play 3 levels in less than 15 minutes
  • If you are playing on mobile you can enable airplane mode to get rid of ads

  • CONS:

  • You have lives in this game, but can be easily avoided if you press the home button and not the restart button

  • This is a perfect game, I could not find nothing wrong with it

    PHONE GAME REVIEW: Ragdoll Fighter


    Ragdoll Fighter is a game made by Rollic Games, where you play as a person that is fighting othere people. You control one button, which is your movement and punching for this game

  • This game is basic and complex at the same time, easy to learn, hard to master
  • You can watch ads to learn moves that can be useful, this is the only time I would watch ads
  • The physics can be humerous, when the opponent dies, they're body is launched
  • Terrian can affect the gameplay, in the game you play in a boxing arena, if you leave the boxing area you die
  • Cosmetics aren't bad, the design is actually real great, the money is also super easy to get

  • The only cons I have for this game are:
  • The physics can also work against you, having a disadvantage
  • Rollic Games needs to add more moves and terrian that affects gameplay

  • I fricking enjoy this game, I recommend this game, easy 8.5/10.



    Draft Race 3D is made by Ela Game, you play as a car, objective? Get as much speed to get past ramps, avoiding negative boost, and getting the bonus at the end. It was very hard to think of pros for this game.

  • Requires skill to dodge the negative speed at the bonus section
  • Levels don't overstay it's welcome, short and sweet
  • No ads when you are on airplane mode

  • The cons of this game, they were super easy to think of, like less than 2 minutes kind of easy

  • Has a fake leaderboard to "motivate" you to get number one
  • Money in this game isn't really useful, the speed and income aren't useful. Upgrading speed just gives you more at the start, income just gives you more cash. The "cosmetics" are meh at best.
  • All of the levels are basiclly the same, super reptitive
  • The game is too easy, there is nothing complex and this game, you can probably just not move the car and still win.
  • The game is a basic number game to get a higher number, it is nothing new and unoriginal.
  • Not a great game, it is not fun either. 2/10. Don't brother touching it, don't look at it, don't even think about this game, it is a boring game.



    Clash Royale is one the most notable phone games to ever exist. It is a strategy card game made by Supercell, most recongizible for Clash of Clans. Clash Royale has over 500 million downloads as of now and for good reason.

  • It is a free-to-play (F2P) game
  • The community is still active, having around 90,000 people as of October 2021
  • Monthly updates allow F2P players to get items and coins
  • Events happen every other month or so, benefits the F2P player
  • There are multiple game modes that everyone can play
  • Communicating in clans is clean and easy to use
  • The downsides to this are incredibly different as this is a real online game.

  • Pay-to-win (P2W) players get an advantage by having more access to chest and coins
  • Other ways of communcation are better than clans, a discord would be better
  • In battles, the enemy player can be annoying by spamming emotes, you can mute this though
  • This game is great. If you haven't before, please do, this game is an easy 9 or a 9.5 out of 10. Easy to learn, hard to master is what I'll say for this game


    Hello! Today is Octobor 24th, 2021. This is my first game that I'll be typing out! I will be reviewing Riot Escape, a game made by Yso Corp, they have made a ton of games that I'll not get into. In Riot Escape, you play as a civilan trying to get into a truck. avoiding police men as you go, it is a intereseting concept. The pros of this game are as follows:

  • Map changes, having more variety as the player goes deeper into the game
  • You can also play as the cops after a few games, it is great that the developers of this while making it
  • About 190mb for ios and plays super smoothly
  • There are also things I don't like and I'll share them right now.

  • You can not play this game with data or internet
  • When you do play this game, every round, 2-3 ads will pop up, waiting about a minute or so in between rounds
  • I do greatly enjoy this game, but the two cons defintely turn off anyone from playing this, I give it a 4/10, play around with it for like a few rounds then delete it.